Fallout from Major League Baseball’s lockout of the players could have far-reaching implications on the trade and free-agent markets, potentially slowing them because teams have clamped down on scouting of minor leaguers currently in spring training camps due to uncertainty over the Rule 5 draft, officials from nine teams told ESPN on Friday.


During their talks on a new collective bargaining agreement, MLB and the MLB Players Association have yet to discuss the Rule 5 draft, sources told ESPN. Because it is collectively bargained, the union and league would need to agree on scratching it for one season. MLB and the MLBPA declined comment when reached by ESPN.



Sources: MLBPA plans written reply to MLB offer
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The implications of the decisions to ban scouts, sources said, could go much deeper: Most teams also can’t evaluate players who could be trade targets after the lockout ends. The trade market is expected to be bustling as the game’s transactional ledger reopens during a new CBA. But doing so without having scouted players would bring unnecessary risk, especially for teams looking to rebuild through trades, sources said.

在过去的几个赛季中,高管们将停滞的贸易市场指出是自由球员行动缓慢的原因。With the A’s possibly trading star first baseman Matt Olson, third baseman Matt Chapman and starting pitchers Chris Bassitt, Sean Manaea and Frankie Montas, the Reds shopping starting pitching before the lockout and others on the move, a trade market clogged up on account of teams needing fresh looks on potential acquisitions could have a deleterious effect on parts of the free-agent market, sources said.

取消规则草案5,五总经理told ESPN this week, would prompt teams to lift the restrictions on scouting and mitigate the complications the lockout has caused. The MLB Players Association would need to sign off on any Rule 5 changes.

The fear of other organizations gleaning new information on prospects who improved over the winter and applying it to the Rule 5 draft originally fueled the scouting shutdown, sources said. While Rule 5 picks are typically not impact players — they are chosen from a pool of those who spent five years in an organization if they signed at age 18 or earlier, or four years at 19 years old or higher — the cost-effectiveness of the acquisition makes it of particular import to rebuilding teams.

在上个赛季的17个大联盟5号选秀权中,在整个赛季中,有6名与他们的球队保持了整个赛季:底特律外野手Akil Baddoo,波士顿救援者Garrett Whitlock,Colorado Reliever Jordan Sheffield,Miami Reliever,Cleveland Reliever Paul Campbell,Cleveland Reliever Trevor Trevor Stephan和Baltimerer tyler tyler Wells Tyler Wells Tyler Wells Tyler Wells Tyler Wells Tyler Wells。如果一支球队在本赛季中从其大联盟阵容中删除了5号规则的球员,则必须将他带回他以50,000美元的方式选择的球队,但是如果整个时间都将他送给他,它可以将他送回未成年人明年联赛。



Skipping it for a year, a possibility first raised by The Athletic, would in theory benefit the union as well. With hundreds of free agents due to hit the open market, jobs could be few and far between. By agreeing to remove the Rule 5 draft, teams could instead use the 26-man spots on free agents.

通常选择的球员的好处 - 不在工会的1200名成员中 - 是两倍。获得大联盟阵容的机会是最重要的机会,但是那些回到以前的球队的人会大幅提高,这是在40人阵容中获得的球员,这是标准的小联盟薪水。


The Baltimore Orioles are scheduled to pick first in the Rule 5 draft, followed by the Arizona Diamondbacks, Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals. The draft’s minor league portion took place in December because the lockout does not prevent movement of players not on teams’ 40-man rosters.


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